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About my painting 'Wanda the Lollipop lady is liberated'

We need an intellectual Counter revolution  to the sexual revolution!
Books not Botox Higher thoughts not higher cheek bones raise your spirits  not your glutes.  enrich your mind not your lips.

Over time, exposure to objectifying images can lead to self-objectification, which involves taking an observer's perspective on one's own body and chronically monitoring one's physical appearance. In a famous set of studies, female participants were randomly assigned to try on either a swimsuit or a sweater and complete a series of tasks. Women in the swimsuit condition felt more body shame, which in turn led them to engage in more restrained eating (i.e., leaving part of a biscuit behind rather than finishing it off, suggesting that they liked the biscuit but felt guilty eating all of it). They also performed worse on an arithmatic test, suggesting that their attention and resources may have been drained by the experience of trying on the swimsuit.

 Wanda is a tribute to the ladies who eat a whole biscuit with no guilt or shame.

I'm currently working on this piece below called Miranda.  -

hmm... why is she called Miranda ?

My work is about everyday heroines some with halos made of street drain cover patterns or lollipop lady stop signs. It's a light hearted work but an attempt to state our concerns about the roll of women in art and how this has fed into women's insecurities. Undoubtedly the beauty industry has somehow got at us so we have all at one time or another felt our appearance is inadequate. So many women can take decades to feel comfortable in their own skin. This body of (lollipop lady) work is somehow a celebration into the route of acceptance. Miranda Hart said exactly this about her comedy and this is why this large 'Lolly Work'is called Miranda Heart

 Tomorrow the painting will change drastically as I will start the impasto and add deeper colour values. I'll keep a blog of the stages here. its very exciting! well to me !