Louise Whitham's  large (145cmx153 cm) mixed media work is based on 'The Rising of the Sun' an extravagant painting by François Boucher.This re visited composition depicts the emotional yearnings and love hopes of Tilly Ketchup, somehow more touching than that of the original 18th century Rococo work. Created in response to Louise's own poem  ‘Wanted’ which portrays  a girl who works in a chip shop and dreams of a man with a camper van. Note how the camper van replaces Apollos chariot pulled by four white horses.

This is part 3 of Louise Whitham's series 'Redecorating Culture', sponsored multi media events featuring mixed media works supported by video, poetry, costume and performance.



 Tilley ketchup by Louise Whitham is accompanied by her performance work at ACAVA studios Bermondsey last year.